Military Conscription in the Philippines?

I’ve been reading a Manga about how an Emperor named Zheng unified China of Qin Dynasty and raised China under a single banner, it’s a bit ambitious but in modern times like today it’s called military conscription. It is a strategy used by countries long time ago to build large army ready to be deployed in times of war or when the need to protect the sovereignty of the state arises.

When we were having our communications module in the Philippine Military Academy, our instructor assigned us a task to come up with a topic that solves one of our country’s problem. In the Philippines, among many problems encountered by our Armed Forces are insurgents, freedom fighters, terrorist groups and other organizations alike.

So what I got in mind is formulating an army that could actually face these organizations head on without setting aside the others, one of which is Military Conscription.


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Military Conscription in the Philippines


First, it promotes National Unity and allows its citizens to learn and train together, creating that shared experience of having served in the military. Then there is also that general understanding of what it’s like to be in the military service, citizens are able to understand and develop appreciation for the sacrifices of what people in the Armed Forces do for their country and all of these can bring people together. And before they attack our country they will think first before doing so knowing that our nation is filled with volunteered military personnel.

Second, it can provide useful skills, many military who pursued their career in civilian workplace mentioned several other skills and work-related attitudes that help them well in their job. These include teamwork, responsibility, initiative, stress management and global awareness. Others also learned the habits of healthy living and discipline as well as the skills in self-Defense.

Third, Military Conscription promotes equality among citizens, in which nobody will be exempted from facing wars. Be they Celebrities, Business Tycoons or just ordinary people, they will be required to serve when the nation is facing war or in need of extra soldiers. It also promotes respect among the men and women in the military, because soldiers are trained thoroughly to respect freedom and values.

Fourth, if teenagers enlist in the military, they will be taught valuable lessons that will be useful to them later on in real life, but unfortunately, The ROTC or Reserved Officer Training Course was removed from the curriculum in College due to some hazing issues and maltreatment.

Apparently the Philippine Government is already deciding whether to pursue Military Conscription and bringing back ROTC as part of the curriculum, either be, the pros of having Military Conscription in the Philippines are heavier than the odds.

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BLOGGING TIPS: CHAPTER 6 (Target Audience)

We’ve discussed already several factors that will affect your blog and slowly but surely we can do this.

Another thing you have to consider is your target audience, you already knew what to do prior to conveying it to the world but knowing who to talk to is another story to cover up.

Your target audience must be between let’s say 16 since I knew by that age some teenagers would discuss about their love life, crush and things alike and ranging to let’s say 50 for elders who talks about parenting, life and struggles and so.

But if you would discuss about Gaming then your target audience will be narrowed down to males in majority who loves gaming of course, but then you still have to narrow it down to either Desktop gaming, Online Gaming, Consoles etc.

Therefore, if you want to create a blog for specific people; think like them, place your self on to their shoe.

You can visit my previous Blogging Tips if you just came directly to this chapter.

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Blogging Tips: Chapter 3 (Types of Blog)

Trying to decide on what type of blog you are creating? Well most of the bloggers have two types of blog. You will either choose between being an informative and a persuasive one.

Let’s not waste our time and let’s differentiate where you will be lining up with your blog.

First, what is an informative blog? The types of blogs are the ones you commonly see and most of them are blogs related to information dissemination, like the Unveiling of iPhone7 or the return of Nokia to smartphone industry. It gives facts about the topic which you would like your readers to know.

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The content of informative blogs usually had an opening followed by the body and ofcourse the conclusion, there should always be a conclusion ladies and gentlemen. If these makes things complicated you might want to visit my blog regarding ABC of blogging.

While the persuasive blogging on the other hand is a bit tricky and sometimes it bends into being informative but you can see some difference between the two, most of the persuasive blogs are the so-called “call to action” blogs, these are the ones publicized by outsourced press blogs, individuals who provide social works and even nature lovers out there but most of the time these are based according to the writers own opinion about the topic unlike informative which give facts.

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There is a bit of discrepancy between the two, persuasive blogs encourage their readers to do something after reading their blog or a question to be answered through action based on how the writer persuades his readers. One of which are election bloggers, “Why do we need to vote for Clinton?” so like informative it will provide some details about her then the writers own opinion about it and at the end of the blog there is a call to action “So, will you or will you not vote for her? The future of our country lies on your hands”.

So basically these are the two types you’ll be considering when creating a blog.

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Short Story: The Value of Life


While I was in my high school years I was invited to a gathering of pious people, they shared stories during 6pm until 7pm. More of their stories was about self-encouragement and motivational stories. If you don’t mind I really made this post just for you. 🙂

One day an ill person named Edward (well just a screen name, don’t imagine twilight okay?) have this unusual feeling and it’s been weeks, so he decided to go to a Doctor and asked for a check-up.

While having his Check-Up the Doctor told him he will only have few more weeks to live, 17 days to be exact and since he really wanted to know about his condition the Doctor told him about his remaining days left.

He asked if it could be cured by any medicine or therapy but the Doctor told him it’s negative and there is no cure to his illness. His illness is somewhat connected to a heart problem, and since Edward doesn’t have enough income to support his welfare he thanked the Doctor and left.

So while he was on his way home, he saw a Caravan of Pious people all were from different religions and some of them are pagans/atheist but they are living together harmoniously. 

A child; carrying a bucket of water who was also part of the Caravan happened to pass by Edward and asked. “Big brother are you okay?” You look so down and pale.

Edward smiled and hugged the Child. Meanwhile, the leader of the Caravan was searching for the Child and he found the both of them having a conversation with joyous smiles on their faces. The leader of the Caravan asked Edward if he wanted to Journey with them to different countries and meet various people and attain tranquility while they are within the group.

Knowing he only had a little time left in his life, Edward refused. He saw the face of the child with a sad manner, right at the very moment since he had a few days left he decided to join the Caravan just to comfort the child.

They ventured from one place to another. Preaching people, helping the needy and providing service which they ask nothing in return and with this fruitful events Edward never asked anything for more, he lived with it and he loved what he’s doing.

To make it short, It’s the 17th day and Edward was anxious about his health but nobody in his new family knew about it. He decided to walk alone in the woods and thought if he would bid farewell nobody will see him, like his previous life he lived alone as an orphan since birth. (I’m sorry if it’s already too long) 

The night came and Edward happened to fall asleep. In his dream people with white clothes riding on horses were calling his name, a limelight like a tunnel flashed unto his face and suddenly he was shocked the child is already hugging and worrying about him and he asked what day is it.

They told him the date and he calculated, it was already the 19th day and he exceeded the expected day of his farewell. Excitedly how Edward felt, he told the Caravan to visit his village and help his community. So, they went to Edward’s Village.

The usual events of the Caravan when visiting a community is already visible and Edward bid to his Caravan he would visit a certain Doctor.

He went to the Doctor’s house and surprisingly he saw a lady. Edward asked, “Who may you?”, The Lady replied, “I am the Doctor of the Village, how may I help you?”.

Edward replied, “Where is the previous Doctor of this Village?” then the Lady replied. “The Doctor died 2 weeks ago with a heart problem”. Then Edward said to his self “I would rather live a fruitful life than to just sit in a corner harvesting dimes”

Well that’s the end of the story. It did an impact to me. But I can’t tell how it should give an impression to you. 🙂 Me and my friends are in full support in you with your fast recovery. 🙂

Note: I met Edward and he is still with the Caravan 🙂

Assad Regime will remain in the position. Know why…

Since the gathering of the G-8 Summit begun, A Russian diplomat says the condition whether the President of Syria will step down from his seat isn’t decided yet despite of the peace settlement of the Giants.

From the said meeting all the Leaders had an agreement not to decide yet on the matter regarding the outcome of the Syrian President, Basically it will still remain “off-the-public”.

“The formal Syria declaration is expected to be published later Tuesday.” -abcnews

Also the Russian diplomats claimed that Assad Regime isn’t using any Chemical Weapons and it should require further investigation.

College Heirarchy

I was on a fast food restaurant counting sheep jumping over the fence. OH NO! wait, I was eating this dessert and I saw students walk fast some do run. About 2:5 of them are always in a hurry. What’s wrong with this guys. Then my phone beeps. “Waaa. College so terrible. Bla Bla” I just thought of sharing how I lived my college days.

Tadaaaaaaa~ Well for some instance I was them.

Early birds catch the early Worm. Oh well, There’s no worm in your class but then you can choose the 1st row of seats in your class. Yeah Right! Been there done that, being in the 1st row decrease the possibilities of you sleeping in class since some Instructors will caught you and call your attention. You don’t want to be humiliated aren’t you? Secondly, the voice of your instructor will be audible for you.

The Commoner – The person who is always in class. Here’s a thing, some teachers don’t mind students’ grades or how accurate their comprehension in class are. What values most is their presence and participation. Being present shows respect to the teacher.

Speak up, Be Wise – Speak, participate and ask queries you want to ask. There’s no harm done in asking things you’re not sure of.  “WHY YOU NO ASK?”

C’mon who wants to be dirty? – Have that dignity in you. Let them get information from you but never try to cheat and look on their papers, there’s a high possibility their answers are wrong. Why would those guys peep on your paper? Obviously they don’t know the answer. Duh!

Good Samaritan – Do we really need this? Well. If you want fame and prestige in class you can always provide those updates and information about subject matters every time you meet them. If you remind them, you remind yourself too. In that way paper works that should be done will all be in your memory.

A page won’t hurt you – Yes it will not. It’s just a paper. Reading lectures before sleeping will help your memory recall the topics and it won’t be a burden in your post and pre examinations.

Lazy Dog – Drop like a log. Rest is always part of hard work. You can’t accomplish a thing if you mind, body and soul aren’t relaxed. Chill. Have fun. Give yourself a gift and time too.

Get bloomed – Have an inspiration. Love Dub Love Dub! There’re only 2 options in a relationship. 1st, you’ll use that relationship for inspiration like, “Hey Baby let’s have a deal, If my grades are higher than you treat me to a movie house” or anything you want to. 2nd, the sad part is relationships will also intervene in your studies if both of you doesn’t know how to adjust and it will devour your studies. You’ll see.

The Author – The root of all assignments and activities. The origin of everyone’s answer

Survival of the Fittest – The ultimate phase in your college life. You must survive. You have to eliminate other foes for you to stay alive. Join the herd not the flock. They will use you after that they will waste you. You have a name when they need you after that you’re John Doe when they got what they want from you. They wear masks of laughter while you’re around and stab you if you’re not giving the round. They may be heartless, brutal, barbaric and immoral people. But remember you can’t step on other people’s head just to climb the ladder because if you do, you’re just any other rotting low life dog died to fight for survival.

P.S. I’m not a Samaritan hihi

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