Kayangan Lake: A Hidden Paradise

If you would ask me if I love to travel alone I’ll be glad to say yes, I love going to places particularly areas on my bucket list. I am already working now so that makes it hard for me to update my blogs but what my work status allowed me to travel places. And one of those place is here, a Hidden Paradise.

 photo 20160830_091503_zpsq53nqmzv.png

This place is called Kayangan Lake of Coron, Palawan; one among the thousands of islands situated in the Philippines. It is a 1 day travel by boat from Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Upon reaching Coron I can’t tell you how much a boat costs from Coron to this lake since we used our own rubber boat just to reach this wonderful destination.

 photo 20160830_091511_zpsk3pxkzgz.png

Upon reaching this place you’ll be welcomed by natives of the area and a small fee around 300Php that is more or less 7USD, a small hike towards the lake and boom, you will witness a hidden paradise deprived from civilization, unharmed, so clean and peaceful. It is a perfect place to unwind and be one with nature.

 photo Creek_zpsygimtqai.png

I spent a lot swimming around viewing the underwater scene.  Everything is just worth it.




The Hidden Paradise: Somewhere within the Philippines lies a secret village. If I want tranquility and peace of mind this is the place where I want to be, So silent and divine. Uhmmmmm aaaaaah~ Inner Peace.