BLOGGING TIPS: CHAPTER 5 (Grammars for Blog?)

Actually the word blog came to existence as an alternative for a diary and since we are already in the world of fast pacing technology it moved along with the pace.

So you don’t have to worry about your grammar just like your diary and it is not like your term paper that will be checked by your professor or an article that will be proof read by your editor in chief.

It is your blog and it is yours, so you are the master of it. But be mindful of your words, blogs reflects on the person creating it. You would be thinking I am an expert in articles or write ups, you’re definitely wrong. I just want to convey what things I am interested in and I am fond of teaching other people what I know.

Going back, don’t be conscious on your grammar. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t use peculiar words here; you just need to say what you want to say in a very simple method that all of us understand. Why? The reason why people search the internet is because they cannot thoroughly understand what a book tries to explain or what the hell is there teacher speaking in front of them, so they search for easier understanding of things.

The hell with grammars and just type what your mind dictates.


Education that led to Rebellion


When you heard the word Rebellion, What is the first thing that comes into your mind? Terrorism? Radicals? Or Extremists? During my early years in High School, when I heard the word Rebellion, it meant deliberately neglecting my parent’s guidance, but those thoughts changed when I ventured into college.

When I was in college, I then knew that Rebellion has its own degree and category based on an individual’s point of view or how these individual’s perceive the word Rebellion. A child’s manifestation of rebellion could mean not paying attention towards a child’s environment after being deprived of their want.

Second, in a teenage mindset, it could possibly lead them into skipping classes, walk out in the middle of conversation with their parents and worst if it led to drug addiction. And finally, in an adult/professional point of view, Rebellion could mean sedition, mutiny or movement against their own government.

However Rebellion doesn’t exist unless there is a cause or an objective why Rebellion takes place. Let’s not get into too much detail and let’s narrow our thoughts into Rebellion against a certain government. According to our Professor, there are two factors why Rebels exist. Rebellion based on Poverty and Rebellion based on Intellect.

Rebellion based on Poverty:

Individuals coming from poor family background are less fortunate to attend to school and avail privileges of a good quality of education. Once an individual are deprived from education, they see people with intellect more superior that them. Another thing is when these less educated individuals encounter such abusive people with intellect they are lured towards comfort and special benefits being promised by the latter and just being used for their own interests. In the Philippines, these less educated individuals are paid PHP 10,000 (217 USD) to die for these type of people. And I came into realization that I’d rather die with an empty stomach rather than to deprive my future kids with good education.

Rebellion based on Intellect:

I am just wondering how these militant leaders fight a government with highly sophisticated equipments from barren and remote areas. And when I read some articles about these leaders, I felt amazed yet sad about their background. Some of which are rich individuals who even possessed huge companies and had lived a life in luxury. Others even excel in school as top notch in their respective fields and some are even professors in various institutions. But why are these brilliant people capable of leading rebels and fight even their own government? It’s simply because they see some fault that ordinary citizens aren’t aware and one thing that bothers me are their ideology. When they see there is a better government organization than that of their own government which they reviewed thoroughly through knowledge acquisition and research they try to create a faction to force the government towards their ideology and belief.

That’s why education for me is like a sword with blades on both sides that could either lead you to positivity or otherwise. In support to these, education plays a vital role in our daily activities particularly in perceiving the norm. we might challenge it someday according to our own logical thinking and ideology. So before we judge these individuals, we have to understand first their background. What are they fighting for, their objectives as well as their belief.

Rather than facing them head-on and using violence, we should negotiate with them in a civil and educated manner.

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College Heirarchy

I was on a fast food restaurant counting sheep jumping over the fence. OH NO! wait, I was eating this dessert and I saw students walk fast some do run. About 2:5 of them are always in a hurry. What’s wrong with this guys. Then my phone beeps. “Waaa. College so terrible. Bla Bla” I just thought of sharing how I lived my college days.

Tadaaaaaaa~ Well for some instance I was them.

Early birds catch the early Worm. Oh well, There’s no worm in your class but then you can choose the 1st row of seats in your class. Yeah Right! Been there done that, being in the 1st row decrease the possibilities of you sleeping in class since some Instructors will caught you and call your attention. You don’t want to be humiliated aren’t you? Secondly, the voice of your instructor will be audible for you.

The Commoner – The person who is always in class. Here’s a thing, some teachers don’t mind students’ grades or how accurate their comprehension in class are. What values most is their presence and participation. Being present shows respect to the teacher.

Speak up, Be Wise – Speak, participate and ask queries you want to ask. There’s no harm done in asking things you’re not sure of.  “WHY YOU NO ASK?”

C’mon who wants to be dirty? – Have that dignity in you. Let them get information from you but never try to cheat and look on their papers, there’s a high possibility their answers are wrong. Why would those guys peep on your paper? Obviously they don’t know the answer. Duh!

Good Samaritan – Do we really need this? Well. If you want fame and prestige in class you can always provide those updates and information about subject matters every time you meet them. If you remind them, you remind yourself too. In that way paper works that should be done will all be in your memory.

A page won’t hurt you – Yes it will not. It’s just a paper. Reading lectures before sleeping will help your memory recall the topics and it won’t be a burden in your post and pre examinations.

Lazy Dog – Drop like a log. Rest is always part of hard work. You can’t accomplish a thing if you mind, body and soul aren’t relaxed. Chill. Have fun. Give yourself a gift and time too.

Get bloomed – Have an inspiration. Love Dub Love Dub! There’re only 2 options in a relationship. 1st, you’ll use that relationship for inspiration like, “Hey Baby let’s have a deal, If my grades are higher than you treat me to a movie house” or anything you want to. 2nd, the sad part is relationships will also intervene in your studies if both of you doesn’t know how to adjust and it will devour your studies. You’ll see.

The Author – The root of all assignments and activities. The origin of everyone’s answer

Survival of the Fittest – The ultimate phase in your college life. You must survive. You have to eliminate other foes for you to stay alive. Join the herd not the flock. They will use you after that they will waste you. You have a name when they need you after that you’re John Doe when they got what they want from you. They wear masks of laughter while you’re around and stab you if you’re not giving the round. They may be heartless, brutal, barbaric and immoral people. But remember you can’t step on other people’s head just to climb the ladder because if you do, you’re just any other rotting low life dog died to fight for survival.

P.S. I’m not a Samaritan hihi